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The best communities are made from the ecosystem up–so it’s time to get familiar with the projects of Theta Blockchain 

As the Web3 revolution heats up, the power of community has already made itself known. Niche collectives and specific projects are often directly linked to the blockchain platform on which they are built. If you’ve heard of a major NFT or metaverse project, chances are it belongs to an ecosystem like Ethereum or Solana. 

From DeGods on Solana to the Otherdeeds of Yuga Labs’ Otherside on Ethereum, a blockchain network is only as strong as its best communities. However, not all blockchains are created equal, either, and some of the latest and greatest platforms are coming to prove themselves against those like Solana and Ethereum.

Enter: Theta Labs

The Brand New Possibilities of the Theta Metachain

Originally hosted on Ethereum, the Theta founders have built a native blockchain for future growth and stability. Unlike other networks, the Theta blockchain is “purpose built for media and entertainment.” Under CEO Mitch Liu, Theta offers decentralized nodes capable of hosting video-on-demand, with huge savings for both content delivery and the environmental (with a unique Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism).

Any type of media will be able to migrate onto Theta, escaping the bottlenecks and inefficiencies of the current market, but this time it will be fueled by users instead of Amazon Web Services. With an adaptable and interoperable platform for Dapps and other projects, and a reward of unique Theta tokens to users in exchange for sharing the bandwidth, the communities of Theta are poised to create a fully fledged Web3 media ecosystem. 

This includes metaverse projects such as our own at trooVRS. As trooVRS grows, it will follow in the footsteps of many exciting Theta communities and projects. 

The Project Communities of Theta 

Theta’s innovative approach to Web3 media has already drawn in some incredible projects. From PFP projects with art that rivals that of the hottest NFT collections out there, to unique community-building efforts, Theta’s infrastructure provides more focused opportunities for media projects as well.

There’s no better example than Cyko KO! (exclamatory emphasis their’s and our’s). A full scale entertainment project that brings together NFTs and comics, Cyko KO’s founder Rob Feldman utilizes Theta Network’s streaming application to bring the community closer into his creative process. Theta is perfectly set up to erase the line between audience and creator, with a platform built to both share and communicate with fandoms. 

The Order of the Tigons is another project that lives on the Theta blockchain, created by the artist and actor Jen Heder. The unique art and his celebrity persona are part of the appeal, and Heder will also begin streaming on during the upcoming fourth phase of the roadmap, but it is the full suite of interactivity that made the community stick around. A portion of sales will also be used for charity, with the community voting on where future funding will be allocated. 

The stylish and provocative Secret Pineapple Society also offers up incredible art, and will utilize Theta to expand into merchandise and fashion, as well as streaming through Theta Pass Decentralized Digital Rights Management. The Society aspires to cultivating decentralized governance amongst the community by Phase Three of its roadmap, and calls out to artists to contribute on The Pineapple Poetry Wall shared amongst the community.

Speaking of media projects, SPS inspired two guys who are known as Sheriff Popper and Magnum PI Apple to launch the Pop and Mag’s Pinecast.T hey chronicle the news in the Theta Ecosystem with particular attention to ThetaDrop, OpenTheta, and the Secret Pineapple Society along with interviews with Theta Community members and creators.

Another one of the most exciting and unique experiences to emerge from the Theta ecosystem so far has been Camp Theta, an IRL collaboration with Clear Lake Eco Retreat in Ontario, Canada. This event space hosted a meeting and bonding experience for those already involved in the Theta ecosystem, in the bountiful and beautiful nature of the Eco Resort.

This “Wilderverse” will be an on-going, yearly event, and now the only way to join will be to collect six digital CampTheta badges by participating in the SmokedFish NFT community. By hybridizing the approach to digital collection and community, Camp Theta is just the beginning of bringing together like minded collectors and fans. 

The trooVRS team is over the moon to now join such a forward-thinking and exciting ecosystem. 

TrooVRS and the Future of Theta   

It became clear early on that Theta would be the optimal blockchain platform for what is being built in trooVRS. Our first venture into the metaverse matches perfectly with the ethos and purpose-driven approach of Theta Labs, and provide the perfect infrastructure for both media and interactivity. 

As trooVRS has stated before, the metaverse is not an easy concept to define, and it’s going to take an effort that focuses on the broad scope to build something that lasts. TrooVRS intends to be a gathering place for those who feel that the current media isn’t speaking to them. From lifestyle to politics, and technology to self-care, trooVRS is the media and entertainment metaverse made for the next generation. 
Just like Theta Labs, our mission is simple: through a new approach, let’s all help one another increase our collective bandwidth and develop the communities our world needs to evolve in a more forward-thinking direction. Now that sounds like a public square worth building.

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