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Immersive Storytelling with Purpose

Our cutting-edge platform delivers curated editorial, brand-focused and creator-generated content across virtual environments. From health and wellness to fashion and technology, trooVRS gives male audiences the tools, practical knowledge, and self-care content to impact their quality of life positively.

Stunning High-Fidelity Environments

Powered by Web3 technologies and UE5, trooVRS high-fidelity environments offer unparalleled levels of photorealism and detail, with every blade of grass and rustling leaf brought vividly to life. Thanks to our integration with Ready Player Me, you can fully customize your avatar and make the experience your own. And with blockchain-powered video streaming and NFTs, you can purchase unique digital assets that are fully verifiable and secure.

trooVRS High-Fidelity Environments

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Revolutionize Audience Engagement with Immersive Experiences

Virtual Events + Experiences

With the ability to customize our virtual environments, entertainment studios and brands can host premieres, talent-driven events, and virtual product launches in an intimate setting to generate brand awareness and engage with loyal customers and fans.

Host virtual events, experiences, and product launches presentations
Host product launches, livestream presentations, and VIP events.

Product Discovery

Users can discover and interact organically with custom 3D brand assets through in-environment virtual product placement and custom NFTs as they stroll in trooVRS leading users to awareness and purchase intent.

In-Environment Contextual Alignment

Expand your performance marketing efforts with custom 3D product assets, affiliate, custom QR codes and in-world-commerce (IWC) for a full consumer journey in relevant environments.

trooVRS High-Fidelity Environments
Watch the latest entertainment in trooVRS

Video Storytelling

Feature brand-focused video content/storytelling to amplify your message within sponsored environments. Currently, we offer in-environment video screens for brands to showcase their content and live-stream presentations.

Step into the Metaverse with trooVRS

Book a demo and learn how we can help you build and test a winning metaverse strategy in trooVRS while reaching diverse male audiences.

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